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Last updated:
March 21, 2017


2014-2016 Pallass Cat Conservation Status in the Zaissan Lake Area - Covering Blanks Completed

2013-2014 Pallass Cat in Kazakhstan: from investigation to conservation Completed

2011-2012 Creating a base for monitoring Pallas's cat in Kazakhstan Completed

2010-2011 Making the base on Pallass cat populations monitoring in Tyva Republic and adjacent territories Completed

2010-2020 Pallas's cat studies, preservation and breeding program - the program of EURAZA Current

2009-2010 Study maternal behavior of Pallas' cat in wild Current

2009-2010 Pallas' Cat in Altai mountain area: to update a conservation status Completed

2009-2010 Clarifying Conservation Status of Pallas Cat in Kazakhstan Completed

2009 The contest 'Manul the rare steppe cat' (Altai Republic, Russia) Completed

2007-2008 Pallas Cat and Local Community Completed

2006-2007 PALLAS CAT: Investigation for Saving (Clarifying conservation status in Russia) Completed

2005-2006 SAVE THE MANUL: INITIAL STEP Completed

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