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March 21, 2017


Pallas Cat and Local Community

Pallas' cat is a denizen of the steppes, one of the areas in Eurasia most heavily transformed by man. This situation becomes complicated by that most local people do not know about Pallas cat rarity and do not imagine the necessity Pallas cat to protect as endangered species. They bag Pallas cats as before for their own needs and for sale.

Initiative group: Anna Barashkova
Svetlana Goryunova
Project Head: Anna Barashkova
Funding: The Eric Hosking Trust
Regions involved: South Siberia (Republics of Altai, Tyva, Buryatia, Khakassia, Irkutsk, and Chita regions)

Project objective:
The preparation of the informational book and the poster with photos about Pallas cat and their distribution trough the local community (schools, etc.) where Pallas cats live (in Russia) in order to increase the attention to the problem of Pallas cat conservation and to form positive emotional view of the species to prevent illegal hunting and other anthropogenic damages for cat. These editions will be used also for ecological and educational purposes in teaching children.

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