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March 21, 2017


Making the base on Pallass cat populations monitoring in Tyva Republic and adjacent territories Current


Project aims
to study number and distribution of Pallas's cat in Tyva Republic, to begin the study Pallas's cat number and distribution in Western Mongolia and to create the base for development of program on Pallas's cat long-term monitoring in the regions.

Research team: Anna Barashkova
Ilya Smelansky
Svetlana Goryunova
Andrey Tomilenko
Ekaterina Balakina
Project Head: Anna Barashkova
Program Coordinator
Duration of project: August 1, 2010 - July 31, 2011
Regions involved: Republic of Tyva and adjacent territories of North-Western Mongolia


Panthera Small Cat Action Fund

Project objectives

  1. Obtain data on Pallas's cat conservation status (density, distribution, actual and possible threats to populations) in Tyva Republic.

    To do this we are going to
    - carry out winter snow-tracking censuses in different typical Pallas's cat habitats,
    - obtain survey data from local people,
    - estimate Pallas's cat number in survey area,
    - suppose Pallas's cat number and distribution in other parts of study area,
    - delineate hot spots (places of high conservation value and critical for Pallas's cat),
    - specify the northern boundary of Pallas's cat range in Tyva Republic,
    - determine and estimate actual and possible threats to Pallas's cat in the area,
    - determine the effectiveness of existent net of protected areas for Pallas's cat conservation.
  2. Create friendly attitude to Pallas's cat among local people.

    For this we intend to carry out educational campaign among local people.
  3. Carry out reconnaissance research on Pallas's cat number and distribution in the territories of Western Mongolia neighboring to Tyva and Altai Republics and create the base for the study and conservation of Pallas's cat in Western Mongolia by the strength of local conservationists.

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