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March 21, 2017

PROJECTS Sponsors and collaborators


We kindly thank the persons who have supported our work. We hope our joint efforts will allow conserve Pallas' cat not only in Russia but in the whole range.

If you want to support our program, you can do it just now:

Via Yandex.money (see Russian page)

To donate from the United States or in dollars:

You can make your checks out to Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation, and under the message section of your check put: 100% to go to the Pallas Cat Program
send them to:

Small Cat Conservation Alliance
Wildlife Conservation Network
209 Mississippi Street
San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

See also http://www.smallcats.org/PartnerProjects.html

You can transfer donations in dollars:

Beneficiary: NGO Siberian Environmental Center
Beneficiary Address: 8/41 Akademicheskaya Str. Novosibirsk 630090 Russia
Account Name: NGO Siberian Environmental Center
IBAN / Account #: 400759861 / 40703840500201002632
Bank Name: JSC URSA Bank
Bank Address: 16, Lavrentieva Ave. Novosibirsk 630090 Russia
Bank Phone Number: +7 383 339 7295, 325 12 33
Intermediary Bank: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK
Purpose of payment: Gratuitous donation for implementation of the charitable goals of the organization (Pallas Cat Study and Conservation Program)

You can transfer donations in EUROs:

Beneficiary: NGO Siberian Environmental Center
Account: 407 039 785 034 710 026 32
Beneficiary Bank: MDM Bank
18, Lenina Street, Novosibirsk, 630004, RUSSIA
Intermediary Bank: VTB BANK (DEUTSCHLAND) AG,
Frankfurt/Main, GERMANY
Account: 0104108394
Purpose of payment: Gratuitous donation for implementation of the charitable goals of the organization (Pallas Cat Study and Conservation Program)

The funds are used for current activities of the program including:

  • publishing educational materials;
  • scientific and field equipment (GPS-s, camera traps, sleeping-bags, tents, etc.);
  • field work expenses (per diem costs, fuel, rent of vehicle, etc.);
  • laboratory analysis (biochemistry, genetic, etc.);
  • GIS data base creation;
  • salary for specialists if not volunteers (e.g., web-designer, site admin, translator, etc.);
  • communications, Internet...

  • 2014

    We accepted 100000 roubles (about 2100 euros) from:

    • Elena A. Pavlova (Moscow)
    • Moscow Zoo
    • Yandex.Money fans


    We accepted 66550 roubles (about 1550 euros) from:

    • Moscow Zoo and its visitors
    • Dmitry V. Sterligov (Moscow)
    • Elena N. Orlova (Lytkarino, Russia)
    • Elena A. Pavlova (Moscow)
    • Maxim S. Shulga (Moscow)
    • Yandex.Money fans


    We accepted 154342 roubles (about 3858 euros) from:

    • Ivanov D.I. (Udmurtia Republic, Russia)
    • Private donations to Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (5000 dollars) - to field work in Kazakhstan in 2012
    • Yandex.Money fans


    We accepted 22366 roubles (about 560 euros) from:

    • Alexander N. Voitekh (Krasnodar, Russia)
    • The "ARS Project" Company (St.-Petersburg, Russia)
    • Stanislav A. Klenov (Moscow, Russia)
    • Yandex.Money fans


    We accepted 20200 roubles (about 500 euros) from:

    • Brad Kollus (USA) (350 dollars)
    • Alexey V. Nasedkin (Moscow, Russia)
    • The "ARS Project" Company (St.-Petersburg, Russia)
    • Elena V. Luschevskaya (Velikie Luki, Russia)
    • Tatyana M. Meleshenko (Moscow, Russia)
    • Yandex.Money fans


    We accepted 18900 roubles (about 460 euros) from:

    • Brad Kollus and Elizabeth DeLouise (350 dollars)
    • Stanislav A. Klenov (Moscow, Russia)
    • Irina V. Kuznetsova (Moscow, Russia)
    • Petrov M.V. (Moscow, Russia)
    • Anna V. Ostapenko (Sestroretsk, Russia)
    • Yandex.Money fans


    We accepted 5800 roubles in 2008. We thank much for this:

    • Irina V. Smirnova (Moscow, Russia)
    • Viktoria Kh. Massarova (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)
    • Irina K. Brus (Russia)
    • Elena Ev. Bakastova (Balakovo, Russia)
    • Vadim Er. Nerssessian (Russia)


    Mr. Thomas Murphy (Chicago) decently donated us 2500 dollars for expeditions expenses.

    We accept with gratitude any your support. We intend to ensure the transparency in using funds received.

    To sponsors and collaborators...

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